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The Official Chapter of Blacks in Technology Charlotte, NC

It is a fairly common occurrence that Black workers in the technology industry find themselves the only Black person in the room or the only Black person on their team. Black people are underrepresented in every technology related career demographic, from tech startup founders seeking venture capital, to core information technology workers seeking pay equity.

Our goal and mission is to “stomp the divide” between Black tech workers and to fundamentally influence and effect change on an industry that has historically not sought parity with respect to Black workers. Our intent is to level the playing field through training, education, networking, and mentorship with the support of allies, partners, sponsors, and most importantly our global members. 


Trust and transparency are the core tenants of our executive leadership team. All of our directors have life-long careers in technology and education and are committed to providing resources and opportunities for our members.

Blacks in Technology Charlotte Leadership

Natasha Walwyn Robinson
Chapter President

Darnell “DJ” Jonas
Director of Corporate Partnerships

Robin Jones
Director of Education Programs

Sara Horatius

Sara Horatius
Director of Memberships

Jamie Ellis
Social Media Specialist

Black people comprise only 3% of employees in the top 75 Silicon Valley tech companies compared to 24% of the total workforce.