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BIT members enjoy the benefit of leveraging a global community to receive discounts on training and certifications, technical products and services, access to career resources, and exclusive professional networking and social events. 

Featured Partnerships & Programs

Program: US State Dept. Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship
Audience: Prospective Fall 2021 College Juniors & First Year Grad Students

For college students who aspire to a technology career that makes a difference in the world, this two-year Fellowship, funded by the U.S. Department of State, is an opportunity of a lifetime. Seeking to attract top tech talent to the Foreign Service that reflects the diversity of the United States, the State Department encourages women, members of minority groups underrepresented in the Foreign Service, and students with financial need, to apply to this fulfilling and rewarding program.

The Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship program provides a path to an exciting career in the U.S. Foreign Service through academic funding (up to $75,000), internships, professional development, and ultimately, an appointment (full-time position) as a Foreign Service Information Management Specialist (IMS).

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Program: AT&T Unlocked Games: Elevating Women In Game Development
Audience: Video Game Developers

Calling all Black women game developers! Here is a great opportunity for you to be recognized for your dope game developing skills…and maybe even collect some cheddar along the way!
It’s 2020, and talented women are taking the gaming industry by storm. AT&T Unlocked Games invites all women to submit their beta-version games for the chance to compete in a December 2, 2020 Twitch virtual livestream.
We will hand talented developers the keys to promote their creative ideas and help the industry continue to become more inclusive of women creators. During the showcase, six women finalists will premier their games to a panel of experts named the End Bosses. The winner will be awarded $50,000 to complete her game, the opportunity to showcase her work in 2021 at DreamHack 2021 through a larger-than-life IRL experience and receive coveted marketing and mentorship support to promote her game – all thanks to AT&T.
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Program: Hack the Planet Scholarship
Audience: Software Engineers

The Hack The Planet Scholarship is intended for people who identify as Black, Latinx, Native American or another underrepresented group in technology and are wanting to work/hack on a distributed systems project over a 4 month period. The most valuable part of our scholarship will be your support system which includes a stipend and access to expert mentorship. Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • $1500/month stipend
  • Weekly 1-1 mentorship from our most senior staff engineers (some have worked on the largest systems in the world)
  • Monthly 1-1 with the CEO
  • Code review and design review to hack on any project you want, preferably open source projects.

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Program: Hired for Blacks In Technology
Audience: Job Seekers

BIT has partnered with Hired, the US and UK’s largest software engineering job platform, to help engineers find a job they’ll love. Hired uses intelligent job matching algorithms to reduce hiring bias by focusing on the candidate’s skills and preferences. Upload your resume here to signup and companies will apply to interview you, with salary and compensation shown upfront. Make sure to mark “open to remote” to increase your chances of landing interviews from their many companies US-wide, including many Fortune 50 companies. In NYC, Hired has many local companies hiring immediately including Coinbase, Citi, Peloton, Audible, and more. Hired’s focus is on finding engineers jobs, but they often have other tech roles including Product Manager, UI/UX Design, and others.

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Program: BIT Valence Community
Audience: Entrepreneurs / Venture Capitalists / Tech Professionals

BIT has a sub-community on the Valence platform. Valence connects, showcases, and empowers the global black professional community through the magic of technology and art. We establish meaningful connections with companies and capital that create career opportunities and spawn new ventures. We help demystify professional advancement pathways through inspirational storytelling and structured community driven mentorship. We join prestigious organizations and institutions such as MIT, Harvard, NSBE, Twitter, Salesforce, Microsoft and a host of others whom are leveraging the Valence platform.

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